Kimberly Faith Lowe is a native of Connecticut. She attended and graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor of Science in Education. She attended Law School first at the University of Arkansas and then at the University of Louisville Law School. She is licensed in Arkansas and Missouri. In 1995, she opened the law office on the square in Waynesville as a sole practitioner. She has been practicing law for over 20 years.

Kimberly has been a member of the Waynesville-St. Robert Chamber of Commerce since 1997. Kimberly has been a member of the Committee of Fifty, Armed Forces YMCA, and has sponsored youth sports and mentoring programs such as the Constitution Revolution. Kimberly is also very active on the board at the Free Women’s Center, a clinic in Waynesville which provides free counseling and ultrasounds for pregnant women to encourage them to allow their babies to live to term. She is active is raising money for education scholarships and supporting Veterans.

Kimberly’s primary areas of practice include personal injury, estate planning, adoptions, criminal defense and business law; however, she also provides legal services in many other areas of law such as workers’ compensation, traffic defense, products liability, contracts, real estate, medical malpractice and family law.

Kimberly participates in sports and outdoor activities, such as hiking and snow skiing. She has always been active in sports, playing women’s and co-ed volleyball and softball. She has also coached juniors club volleyball. Kimberly has a special place in her heart for the military and their families. She was married to a military serviceman for many years and her son is currently a cadet at West Point Military Academy.

In addition to her thriving law practice, Kimberly writes, sings and produces music. She has since released 25 original songs and several others are in various stages of production. Kimberly is also an author and has published her book Essential Faith, Volume 1 under her first pen name, Malachi. She expects to release the second volume of Essential Faith in 2018. Kimberly said, the devotionals are “God’s response to my trials and search for Him.” All her music and devotionals are available for free on her website as it is her goal that the music and messages be fully utilized to help others. All of her music and devotionals are available for free on her FaithStrong with Kimberly Faith website as well as on Amazon, iTunes, Pandora, Spotify and Apple Music.  All proceeds go towards helping others. Click Here to learn more about Kimberly’s ministry work, music, and devotionals or visit

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