Our Paralegals and Support Staff


Whitney Harper, Legal Assistant

Whitney is a Houston, Missouri native.  She married her high school sweetheart, Devin, a couple of years after graduating from high school and together they are now raising their son.  Whitney grew up in a devoted Christian home and she considers family to be one of her most treasured blessings.  She received her Associate’s degree in General Studies through Missouri State University, and joined Kimberly’s legal team early in 2012.  

When asked how she ended up working in the legal field, her explanation is pretty heart-warming.  She explains, “Although I started this job with the ultimate desire of becoming a math teacher, I can honestly say I love my job and wouldn’t have it any other way.”


Tara Craven, Legal Assistant

Tara was born and raised a Texan. Tara worked for the Attorney General
Office in Austin, Texas and became interested in the legal field and moved
on to working for one of the biggest law firms in Texas. Tara has a total of
10 years legal assistant experience. Due to the duties of being a military
spouse, Tara has found herself traveling and moving to several military
installations. Tara’s primary role at The Law Office of Kimberly F. Lowe is
being in charge of the personal injury department. Tara is currently working
out of our virtual office and is available by phone or e-mail Monday thru
Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 p.m CST.   Her direct email address is
[email protected].

Tara and her husband Aaron have two beautiful children.  They enjoy the outdoors and spend as much time as they can on the water.

Lilly Massie, Legal Assistant

Lilly has been in the law field as a legal assistant since 2002.  She worked at the our law firm previously and just recently rejoined the team.  She works out of our Waynesville office, and is typically available each weekday during normal business hours.  Her direct email address is [email protected]   

Lilly is married and have three grown children and two grandchildren.  Lilly is an avid hunter and fisher woman.   Lilly and her husban own a 347 acre farm located in Pulaski County and hope to run cattle on it in the near future.  My husband and I and work directly with conservation to preserve and rehabilitate endangered bats that habitat our cave.  We own the 8th largest cave in the State of Missouri and it is one of few privately owned in this State.  God has blessed my family in so many ways and he has touched the hearts of most of them.  I am thankful that I am physically able to work full time with this family, then go home and work with my husband on the farm.”



Sheri Wade, Legal Assistant / Receptionist

Sheri Wade is a Houston Native. She and her
husband have lived and worked in this
community their entire lives.











Please note:  Although our staff members are generally well-versed in their respective areas of law and are usually deeply involved in the day-to-day management of their assigned case files, the paralegals, legal assistants and receptionist identified on this page are not licensed attorneys.