Lilly Massie, Legal Assistant

Lilly has been in the law field as a legal assistant since 2002. She worked on our team from October 2012, to September 2013; then reunited with us July 2014. She handles many areas of law in the firm to include Estate Planning, Guardianship’s, Adoptions, and Criminal Matters.

Lilly is married and has three grown children and three grandchildren, with one on the way. She is an avid hunter and fisher woman. She and her husband love introducing our local youth to deer hunting and fishing. Bass fishing and Catfish are her favorite. Lilly and her husband own a 347 acre farm located in Pulaski County and hope to run cattle on it in the near future. The two of them work directly with conservation to preserve two species of endangered bats that habitat their cave. They are the owners of the 8th largest cave in the State of Missouri and it is one of the few privately owned in this State. Lilly states “God has blessed my family in so many ways and he has touched the hearts of most of them. I am thankful that I am physically able to work full time with this family,then go home and work with my husband on the farm. My husband and I are best friends; rarely seen apart from each other, with the exception of work.”

Julee Chipps, Legal Assistant

Julee is a Houston, Missouri native. She received her Associate’s degree in Business and joined Kimberly’s legal team in February 2017. Her and her husband Dallas have three daughters. Their children keep them very busy traveling to softball and basketball games. They enjoy the outdoors and spending time at the lake. Julee works out of our Houston office as a Family Law, Guardianship, and Criminal/Traffic legal assistant.

Taylor Chipps, Office Assistant

Taylor is a recent Houston High School graduate. She is the daughter of Julee Chipps, Legal Assistant, and is working at our office to assist the attorneys and the legal assistants, as needed. She is a wonderful addition to our staff and we’re happy to have her very capable hands on our team.

Kimberley Cronin, Legal Assistant

Kimberley is one of the newest members to our law firm family.  Kimberley recently moved from Florida to Missouri to be closer to her daughter, son-in-law, and two granddaughters. She is originally from Delaware. She enjoys spending time with her family and the great outdoors. Kimberley works out of both our Waynesville and Houston office locations and is a key support staff for the entire office. We are grateful for her sweet spirit and good old-fashioned work ethic.

Please note: Although our staff members are generally well-versed in their respective areas of law and are usually deeply involved in the day-to-day management of their assigned case files, the paralegals, legal assistants and receptionists identified on this page are not licensed attorneys and cannot give legal advice.