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We hold every case as extremely important at our firm.  We work very hard to find success for our clients.  We are results driven and understand how important our role is in our clients’ lives.  We would love to work with you too! 


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Personal Injury and Product Liability

Client received jury verdict of $675,00.00 for ankle injury and PTSD when she was hit head on by a tractor trailer rig in Southeast Missouri.

We negotiated a significant settlement from a nationwide hair salon where an employee had applied a spiral permanent wave and burned the scalp and damaged the hair of a client.

A man who lost his lower arm in the retraction cycle of a defectively designed log-splitter received a settlement.

Two men received crush injuries when the landing gear in a trailer they were unloading sunk into the ground causing the trailer to tip and the steel siding to pin them in the trailer. After filing suit, both cases settled for confidential amounts.

Client was unloading his commercial vehicle at a grain elevator at night and stepped into an open auger pit and his leg was seriously injured by the moving auger. We obtained a six figure settlement for the client at formal mediation.

Kimberly defended a personal injury lawsuit based on the legal premise of “something more.” Our client was being sued for monetary damages in excess of $1 million for an injury he allegedly inflicted upon a co-worker at the workplace. We were successful in demonstrating the profound weaknesses in the Plaintiff’s case, and settled the case for $175.00.

Wrongful Death

A family whose small son was crushed from a defectively designed dresser falling on him received a six figure settlement.

A family who lost their unborn child in a car wreck received a settlement for the wrongful death of the unborn baby and the personal injuries to the mother.

A family who lost their 85 year old father in a head on collision received a settlement through mediation with the insurance company before any formal litigation was filed.

A young teenage girl was traveling home with her grandparents. A teenage boy was barreling recklessly toward them with a passenger in the front seat of his car, approaching from a blind curve on the wrong side of the road. In an instant, many lives were forever changed. Two were killed and three others were seriously injured. Our firm was retained to represent the young teenage girl who suffered serious injuries to herself, but more tragically, lost her grandmother in the crash. We helped the girl recover a six-figure settlement for her injuries, ensuring that her future educational and other needs are provided for.

Medical Malpractice

Several young clients received six figure settlements from the same physician in Rolla, Missouri. The physician had performed tonsillectomies on a number of children and caused permanent scarring in the area of the eustacian tubes and naso and oral pharyngeal area.

Another client received a high six figure settlement from the same Rolla, Missouri physician who performed a UP3 surgery and in the process, punctured the clients dura. The client required a full craniotomy to repair the damage.

A lady who was a below the knee amputee, received a six figure settlement after her prosthesis failed causing her to fall and required an above the knee amputation.

Real Estate And Misc

The clients were sold a defective home and we filed a lawsuit against the seller and the realtor and settled the case on the eve of trial and obtained payment for the clients for the repairs they had to make to repair the defects in the home.

The clients were sued three times by a developer who was attempting to build a subdivision road across the clients’ property.  We successfully defended all three lawsuits and the developer had to use a different access route.

Many of the cases handled by Kimberly Lowe are confidential in nature–both in the identity of our clients and the settlement/verdicts obtained on their behalf. We have, therefore, limited this list to only those instances in which our clients have agreed to have some details of their case made public; or where the details were in the publicly filed pleadings. We caution viewers that past results reported on this website afford no guarantee of future results. Our viewers must realize that every case is unique and will be evaluated on its own merits.

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