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We have been involved in a custody battle for our grandchildren since our daughter was taken from us in a tragic automobile accident. She left behind two sons, at the time, ages 4 and 7. Our daughter at the time of her death was married to the father of our youngest grandson and the environment was not safe. My wife and I decided that we should pursue legal guardianship of both boys. We retained Kim Lowe, Attorney at Law. Kim has been a Godsend. She has guided us on the correct path, and has demonstrated an incredible knowledge of the laws and the court procedures of the state of Missouri. She is compassionate while being professional, and in the courtroom, she is an absolute bulldog when needed! I am happy to report that we were able to adopt our oldest grandson just before Christmas of last year. Wow!!!! What a Christmas present! While our legal problems continue with our youngest grandson, Kim was successful in assisting us to obtain legal guardianship. This has been a long, arduous, and trying time for us, but it would have been more heart-rending without Kim’s professional legal assistance. I don’t regret for a moment having retained her office’s services, and would recommend her to anyone who asked. This IS an attorney with a heart, and somewhat of a Joan de Arc warrior spirit who knows when, how, and why to take on a case. Whether you need help, or just advice, give Kim a call. She will show you your options and you can trust her honesty, her work ethic, and her abilities as a member of the Missouri Bar Association. God bless, Kim! Thanks so much for your help!

Sometimes life forces us to make some very difficult decisions, with or without notice. In what was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever made in my life, I agreed (rather abruptly) to allow my twelve-year-old son to move with his father to another state several hundred miles away. This required a modification of our existing Parenting Plan, which was originally issued in a different state. I was afraid the process was going to be long and complicated (and therefore expensive), but it wasn’t! Kim and her staff told me exactly what to do, helped me get it done quickly, and for thousands of dollars less than I was expecting to have to spend. I cannot thank Kim and the girls enough for making this so quick and inexpensive. The things they did to help get me through this process certainly made the emotional toll of the whole experience much easier to bear. If you truly want someone to not only represent you well, but to SAVE you as much money as possible during the process, and also to actually CARE about what you are going through while you go through it, you couldn’t choose a better law firm than this one! APRIL (MARCH 2013)

I retained Kim Lowe’s office to handle what I thought was going to be a quick and easy divorce….boy was I wrong! Kim and her staff handled every aspect of the case as if it was their own personal business. They were always professional (with a personal touch) and courteous; ready with an answer no matter how outrageous the question. They kept me well informed of everything taking place and worked diligently to ensure I was well taken care of. I had no worries through the entire process. Very pleased with the services received from this office, would highly recommend to anyone seeking an attorney no matter the circumstances. If you want great representation from a top notch staff this is where you will find it.

I was sitting in one of my college classes this evening, business law, and we got to talking about cases. It reminded me of when I had to get my daughter back and I just wanted to say thanks again for everything you did. It really was a life changing decision and you were there for me every step of the way. You are amazing…and I just can’t thank you enough.


My husband and I lost our 2 year old son in a terrible incident involving a dresser tipping on him and causing his death by asphyxiation. We retained Kimberly Lowe to represent us in the claim against the manufacturer for unsafely designing the dresser. My husband and I were very pleased with her amazing attention to detail. Once she reviewed our case, she sat down with us and discussed everything that we could expect to happen. Her compassion really helped my husband and I get through our depositions and every step of the litigation. Although, we can’t bring our son back, Kimberly Lowe helped us receive a substantial monetary settlement. We also have some peace of mind, knowing that others have been made aware of the company’s unsafe furniture and that the company has been encouraged to place safety devices on their products. We could not be more pleased with the results Kimberly Lowe and her team achieved for us.


I am writing this letter to express my satisfaction with Kim Lowe and her entire staff. Through our years of working together the staff always answered my calls and researched my questions quickly. The entire staff was wonderful, but I would like to express my sincere gratitude to April who always seemed to go the extra mile to help me. Kim’s staff was dedicated to my case and very persistent with the court system. I am glad I made the choice to have Kim represent me and I highly recommend Kim and her staff to anyone who may need legal representation.


I retained Kimberly to handle a tough and complex insurance claim for our family after my mother died. The service and devotion I received from Kimberly Lowe was second to none. Her knowledge of the law and tenacity to uncover the truth was key in the success of my case. She comes highly recommended and I would retain her in a second if the need should ever arise again. From the bottom of my heart, I thank her for the dedication in seeing this through.


Choosing a lawyer is perhaps one of those things in life we must at one time or another do. In a quaint little town people where seem to know something about each other; an attorney should be professional at what they do both in and out of their office. This means to me competence, faithfulness, diligence, and good judgment. Furthermore, your attorney should represent you as they would want to be represented and to be worthy of your trust. In the fourteen years I have known Kimberly Lowe, she has always been there for my legal needs, providing timely and accurate guidance. She is a true professional and my choice to have her represent me was definitely a good choice. I definitely don’t want to be opposite her in a courtroom!


I have known Kim Lowe for greater than twelve years and she has handled all of my business and personal legal issues. She has always been up front with all outcomes of my cases and determined to give all she has for her clients. She is very professional and actually cares about each of her clients. I believe that her work comes from the heart and she feels right along with her clients. I would definitely recommend her to anyone that wants the best attorney in the area. I am glad to say that when she is finished with your case you not only get dedicated service but you have made a true friend. Once again without a doubt I would use Kim Lowe for any and all of my legal issues.


Kim Lowe is absolutely the BEST of the BEST! Kim is a kind, compassionate, Christian who is unashamed to live out her faith. She genuinely cares about her clients and their situations. She is honest and trustworthy, and always encourages her clients to do the right thing and to take the high road. (Even when that is hard to do.) Kim is also very patient and takes the time to answer any and all questions you have. Each member of her staff is also amazing! They are all very kind and caring, and always greet you with a warm smile and a listening ear. They make you feel welcome and they answer all of your questions. They are also very detail-oriented. They are top notch!! Kim is a brilliant and talented woman, both in and out of the courtroom!! She is AWESOME!! I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney.


Ms. Lowe is an amazing attorney. We were unfortunately involved in a custody battle on and off for a number of years and had other legal representation that didn't come close to the amount of support and dedication that she provided to us, she made us feel like family. The amount of hard work and effort she invested in helping us be successful in our case will never be forgotten, neither will her spiritual mentorship.

M Lucas
Mrs. Lowe has helped me with my legal needs efficiently and I appreciate her and her team's vigor for the work they did on my case. She showed compassion and dedication to helping me resolve my legal issues as well as helping me get involved with encompassing what was going on during my case. Her and her team at Waynesville were definitely family friendly and made me feel comfortable, and always answered any of my questions and explained the answers thoroughly. I would certainly recommend her and her team to anyone. Thank you so much Kim and God bless.

J Yoon
We absolutely love the Lowe law office. Before she took our case she went over everything that might or might not happen and explained the pros and cons of the case. She works diligently to complete the tasks she takes on and is very thoughtful of the needs of her clients. If she doesn't feel she can accomplish what you want or need she will give you a recommendation that will best meet her clients needs. The Lowe law office has come through for us so often and her staff is wonderful. If you're looking for an attorney that will work and fight for you Kimberly is the one to call.

Jw Clardy
Kind, compassionate and sincere she cares about her clients and stands firm on her values and integrity. We drove 700 miles from out of state and Kim was kind enough to take our case at the last minute the day of our court hearing. Kind, compassionate and sincere she cares about her clients and stands up for those that are in need of representation. Thank you Kim and thanks to her staff which gave us peace of mind and has been there to help us through this challenging time!

Jose R
Kind, compassionate and sincere she cares about her clients and stands firm on her values and integrity. We drove 700 miles from out of state and Kim was kind enough to take our case at the last minute the day of our court hearing. Kind, compassionate and sincere she cares about her clients and stands up for those that are in need of representation. Thank you Kim and thanks to her staff which gave us peace of mind and has been there to help us through this challenging time!
Joese R
I highly recommend Kimberly Lowe, Attorney At Law. If you need an attorney for any reason, Kimberly Faith McLarty Lowe is the one to call. Her and her staff are top notch.
P Tetreault
Blessed woman, she sat with me and discussed not only legal matters but also matters of the heart and soul with me. I highly suggest anyone to see her if not for legal consultation; one of her prayer meetings. You will leave feeling absolutely better in comparison to how you felt when you walked in.
K Davis
Kimberly was very knowledgeable, professional, compassionate and understanding. She was successful in solving our issue with an insurance company. I will use her in future.

E Burnette
She was very compassionate and provided the information I needed at a very hard and tragic time in my life. Wonderful person would recommend. She deals with you as a person not as just another case to make money which I greatly appreciated.

J Kotlowski
Spoke to Kimberly to discuss options and solutions to a problem that I was dealing with and learned more from her within 15 minutes of speaking to her than any other attorney I spoke to previously about the same topic. She was very honest in telling me what the best course of action would be for the problem I have and she was very forthcoming to ensure I didn't pay for a service that I really didn't need and found an alternative solution that would essentially have the same results but much cheaper or even free. Rare to meet or speak to an attorney like this. Any future issues that arise regarding the law I will definitely call her again for advice and service.

W Holt
I have known Kim for many years and she has always been upfront and honest with me when dealing with legal issues. She took care of all my LLC and business contracts over the years with no issues and I always felt like I was treated fairly on the cost. She also took care of my divorce years ago and everything moved everything through smoothly and promptly in order for me to get on with life. She also has great recommendations and advice for cases that she does not take. Highly recommend her for your legal needs.

W Carter
I am so glad I found Kimberly. She helped me through a difficult time after my husband died. I initially inquired about probate and she suggested a trust for me. I was hesitant that I needed one (since my husband had thought it was not necessary). So... I asked Kimberly to convince me. Well she did and was very thorough and answered my questions until I understood. She was even willing to speak with my children about issues concerning them. I would highly recommend Kimberly to anyone seeking a professional attorney with integrity and a caring attitude.

Sydney C
I highly recommend Kimberly Lowe, Attorney At Law. She took care of a legal guardianship for us. When the pandemic caused the courts being limited in what they could do, she was able to get ours through without any issues. If you need an attorney for any reason, Kimberly F. Lowe is the one to call. Her and her staff are top notch. P Tetreault Ms. Kim helped me with a speeding ticket, and did a fantastic job! She was able to help me on more than just a superficial level with the fine, but also on a deeper level. She is extremely knowledgable in her practice and passionate about her clients. She truly does care for them and wants to help people to become the best versions of themselves and leads them to God instead of simply helping repeat offenders. Her joyful spirit and positivity are absolutely refreshing, especially considering the situation. I would recommend Ms. Kim Lowe a million times over!!!

C Freidel
Kimberly and everyone at the Law office were great! They are so kind and patient. We had lots of questions and they never made us feel rushed. When it was time for us to start the process of adoption they accommodated my husband and I as if we were the only ones there. They really bent over backwards for us. My husband is currently stationed at Fort Leonard Wood and we're PCSing next month. Even though we were in a time crunch they got it done. On Friday and at court for the adoption the next Tuesday. They made the whole process easy which I know they worked really hard on. I highly recommend the Law offices of Kimberly at Law. You'll be in good hands. Side note, Judge Doug Gaston was warm, kind and had a great sense of humor. Thank you so much for making our family officially whole.

A Rouse


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